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Heart to Heart Cards

Powerful healing and encouraging greeting cards that provide and an avenue for
you to minister to those you care about. White and gold embossed cards that
are beautifully and devinely designed.

How marvelous are His works.
Happy Birthday.

(Inside Sentiment)
God made the day of your birthday a very special time in heaven as well as on earth.

It is a special day for me because I am reminded of the privilege we had in sharing a portion of our lives.

You have been a blessing and a joy to my heart.

I celebrate and honor you on your birthday!
Psalm 139:13-16

Heavenly Father,

Thank You for Your precious and constant thoughts toward this one.

Bestow a quiet peace today with the knowledge that each moment of life was scheduled and recorded in Heaven before birth.

May this heart take flight on the wings of the morn and soar above the cares and burdens to rest next to Your bosom.

Give joy as a gift from Your heavenly storehouse and let this indeed be a Happy Birthday!

In your illness, His hand is
stretched forth to heal and restore.

Psalms 119:50

(Inside Sentiment)
Our faith can waver when we face an illness.

God will take you triumphantly through this hour.

He has given His promise to do so.

Place your trust at His feet and allow Him to bestow the peace that awaits you.

God loves you. I want you to know I am standing with you in faith and prayer. Romans 4:20, Isaiah 32:17

Heavenly Father,

I trust You today with this one.

Release Your power into the hands of each physician, creating skill and wisdom from Your perfect knowledge.

Be there through each moment of dread and anxiety. Let the sweet fragrance of Your presence sustain and bring peace.

You are our God, our strength and hope.

Broken Relationship
Through this broken relationship
He will establish, strengthen
and keep you

1 Peter 5:10

(Inside Sentiment)
We experience many forms of heartache as we journey through life.

When a marriage is in the process of ending, it has its own distinctive pain.

As the one left behind begins to face an uncertain future, fears run rampant throughout the heart.
God’s word says, “I am the Way”. He truly is the way through this darkened path.

As you turn to Him, he will calm your heart allowing you to experience His peace. Then He will guide you step by step through each uncertain tomorrow.

Trust Him. He cannot fail you!

Heavenly Father,

You have seen the needs of each heart and stand waiting to intervene.

I am comforted in the promise that when our eyes are fixed on You, You will guard and keep each of us in constant peace.

Through trust and confidence in You, this one will find the strength to relinquish each care.

Restore Your child, walk near and take away the pain that has fallen upon these shoulders.

Be a song in the night – a song that comforts and brings joy as a permanent abode.

He has heard your cry in this hour of despair.

Psalm 18:6

(Inside Sentiment)
In today’s world, we find ourselves suddenly thrust into circumstances that can change our lives in a matter of moments.

Life is filled with the unexpected – the things we never have time to prepare for or even believe could happen to us.

In Isaiah 41:13, God speaks a word of hope and comfort for you to hold on to at this time.

Through the wilderness and the dry, barren places of your heart, God will make a way.

You are in our hearts, our thoughts, and our prayers each day.


We do not have answers for so many things we face in this life. Circumstances can make us feel that You have long forsaken us.

This heart needs the reassurance of Your presence and Your love. Heal the sorrow, the pain, the loneliness and each shattered dream.

In the secret chambers of the heart, let Your peace and sweetness bloom as fresh and unwavering as spring’s first blossoms.

Lord, let Your Word be a beacon of light to guide and bring Your child safely into Your harbor of peace and rest.

During times of fear and anxiety,
He is near.

Psalms 73:26

(Inside Sentiment)
As you stand on the bank of this wide river, knowing you must cross over, open God’s Word. It will be a bridge that will carry you safely to the other side.

With His Word as your strength, you will cross under His canopy of protection and wisdom. Each promise filled with truth and hope, heaven’s treasured gems.

Our God is so good! No matter what the trial, His love is the bridge over troubled waters. Isaiah 43:2, 3

Heavenly Father,

I come before You seeking Your divine help. I beseech You to bring a veil of courage to drape this heart, hiding it from all the fear and doubt it faces.

We know Father that Your love and reassurance will bring the calmness to pass triumphantly through every trial.

The spoken name of Jesus is both strength and faith to a fainting heart. It is the name above all names and a passport to peace.

Come Lord Jesus and reign over this heart.

King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

A friend is a special gift from God.

Proverbs 27:9

(Inside Sentiment)
Perfect friendship is established on God’s principles.

You have brought that perfect friendship into my life, always loving, always listening, always forgiving.

These are the traits of our Savior as His heart is turned toward us.

I thank Him for you. He has loved me so beautifully through you, my friend. Proverbs 17:17

Heavenly Father,

You have taught me so much of Yourself through this friend.

I thank You today for our friendship, for a heart that honors You with godly principles and steadfastness toward You, Oh God!

As Your cherished servant, much has been taken from You and given to me and I am the recipient of the blessing.

Faithfully cover and shield my friend under the canopy of your love. As the spirit within this one searches each day for new ways to represent You, I seek faith and deeper truths for the sustenance of the heart.

Thank You for one who loves as You love, and who sees me as You see me.

Trust in Him through all uncertainty.

Psalm 77:6

(Inside Sentiment)
There are times when we each feel an empty desperation slipping into our lives. I know fear and insecurity are roaming the corridors of your heart.

Whether it be broken dreams, shattered relationships, or illness, our complete trust in God is the only answer.

He consoles our hearts through His Holy Word; it transforms every situation into a new beginning. Take one day at a time and totally trust in Him. Psalm 119:50

Heavenly Father,

As this one tries to comprehend these new confrontations in life, continue to be a refuge and a rock of security.

While there is no understanding of these changes, bring to remembrance, Father that You are one who never changes.

As the pain and fear of uncertainty tears at this heart, be there to quiet and comfort with Your touch.

Bless with Your peace, encourage with Your hope, and encircle with Your compassion for each tomorrow.

Loss of Mother
In the loss of your mother He watches over you with love and compassion.

Psalm 118:14

(Inside Sentiment)
Mothers are rare creations from God.

He fashions their hearts and designs their love with His pureness, His faithfulness and His protectiveness.

A mother’s love is eternal. His bonds will never be severed.

Your mother’s special love touched every heart. God’s hands made her and she beautifully graced your heart like a jeweled crown.

In time, each memory will turn from one of pain to one of beauty.

She is back with her creator now, bringing another facet of light and radiance to heaven’s portals. Psalm 147:3

Heavenly Father,

For this one left to walk the lonely path of grief, I seek Your mercy and love.

Fill the emptiness with Your own perfect peace.

Let the love this mother shared be a sweet fragrance to surround and embrace each heart. As the yesterdays are remembered, may they become a treasure to draw from for each tomorrow.

Walk close by and reign in splendor and majesty through each hour of grief.

Loss of Your Father
In the loss of your father,
God sustains you.

Psalm 3:3

(Inside Sentiment)
When we lose a parent, a part of ourselves dies too.

Our earthly fathers symbolize security and protection. Their guidance and companionship parallel that of our Heavenly Father. Your father has stepped over to the invisible side – God’s side. He is complete now, free of all earthly encumbrances and he dwells in the beauty of his heavenly home.

The Lord’s glory and sweetness accompanies him and you can rest in God’s promises – they are our hope. Psalm 62:5, 6

Heavenly Father,

As this one faces the pain of grief, may each memory become a source of comfort and peace.

Walk close by and let the warmth of Your presence penetrate the darkness.

Wash each moment of sorrow with a flow of love to soothe and calm the fear that grief represents.

Thank you for eternal life, a life that we will live savoring every wonderful gift You have for us.

As you gently heal this wound, restore this heart so that it may rest in Your presence.

General Grief
He Restores Your Grieving Heart.

Psalm 116:15

(Inside Sentiment)
The many changes you face today will bring anxiety and turmoil. I know that our Lord is here with you, watering so tenderly with the pureness of His holy restoration, the parched places of your heart.

In time, the beauty of your memories will overshadow the loneliness you are feeling today. I will be thinking of you and I know your Heavenly Father will be near, watching over you every moment. Isaiah 40:29, 41:18

Heavenly Father,

I lift up to You this heart bruised and hurting. Bring comfort in the struggle to relinquish one so dear back to You, the creator of life. May Your child continue on – steadfast in faith and draped in Your love and splendor. I thank You for being a song of hope for each new day.

Variety Card Collection
Variety Card Collection

A collection of each of the Heart to Heart Cards (box of 10).

Beautifully boxed set contains:
1 Birthday Card
1 Illness Card
1 Broken Relationship Card
1 Despair Card
1 Fear Card
1 Friend Card
1 Trust Card
1 Loss of Your Mother Card
1 Loss of Your Father Card
1 General Grief Card

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