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Deliverance Books

Our books can be purchased through bookstores located in the US and other countries. To order them, the bookstore will need the ISBN number of the book. The store can order them through Ingram Book Company (wholesaler) in the US and in other countries through Bertrams or Gardners (wholesalers).
Targeted PrayersTargeted Prayers
This book uses the spiritual weapons that God has given us to go boldly before His throne to ask for His intervention into our life as well as the lives of others and to expect and receive answered prayers. This book gives insight into how to pray effectively and target your prayers.

ISBN No. 978-1-59971-162-1
Retail Price $12.99
Our Price $9.00
Adult Deliverance PackageAdult Healing/Deliverance Setting Yourself Free, Deliverance from Darkness
This is a biblical approach to deliverance. It allows you to work at your pace in the privacy of your own home. God is interested in the condition of your heart. He will meet you wherever you are.

ISBN No. 978-1-4276-3506-8
Retail Price $17.95
Our Price $13.00
Truth vs LiesTruths vs. Lies, Information for Teenagers
Are you unknowningly walking into areas of darkness? What are you listening to? What are you watching? What are you doing? Are you depressed, moody and have you lost all hope? This book will enable you to see God’s Truths and help you make right choices. “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”
Jeremiah 29:11

ISBN No. 978-1-4276-1691-3    
Retail Price $10.99    
Our Price $9.00

Children's Deliverance Package

Set Yourself Free Little Children and Come to Me

This is an illustrated, non-threatening, easy to read and understand Christian deliverance book for children – ages 6 to pre-teen.  Its main purpose is to deliver a child from generational curses.  Other moral and spiritual truths such as sexuality, forgiveness, activities that are harmful, and much more are addressed.

ISBN No. 978-1-4276-1692-2
Our Price $7.00

Christians vs Darkness

The Christians vs. Darkness Brochure

Pamphlet that details:
1. Holy Scriptures
    That Reveal Truths
2. Our Spiritual Authority
3. Our Spiritual Weapons

Our Price $1.00

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